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We are a blockchain innovations company helping organizations and governments transform the way they interact with each other and their customers by helping them build honest and authentic systems that brings the value back to the people. Xord empowers you to see the world differently.

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Securing the past to build a better future

We enable everyone to add data integrity and trust to existing processes using the power of blockchain.

Decentralized Digital Identity

There is a need for a shared decentralized digital identity management ecosystem that makes it easy for anyone to get a reliable digital identification to make use of different services in the modern society.

Educational Certifications

The education industry is dealing with major issues of degree verification and authenticity due to prevalence of fraud and misrepresentation of records. Blockchain technology can be used to build a system that can store, secure and verify these digital assets in real-time.

Supply Chain

Blockchain technology is opening new ways and creating new possibilities across different industries and improving how things function. In Supply Chain, the incorporation of Blockchain will make it securer, safer and more streamlined.

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Encert is a certification-as-a-service platform that enables the institutions to issue reliable certifications of achievement to anyone with guarantee that they cannot be hacked or faked. Using Ethereum blockchain as a trust anchor and making use of revolutionary technology developed by Blockstack, the certification data can now be truly owned by the individual.

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