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Who we are

Xord.one is a team of young engineers committed to solving the world's problems by building enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions for governments and corporations.

We have expertise in these technologies.



Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.


Hyperledger is an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools, started by the Linux Foundation.


Blockstack is building an ecosystem that gives your users control over their fundamental digital rights: Identity, data-ownership, privacy, and security.


EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications.


Quorum is an enterprise version of Ethereum with high speed and high throughput processing of private transactions within a permissioned group of known participants.


MultiChain is an open source platform for private blockchains, which offers a rich set of features including extensive configurability and rapid deployment.

Our Services

Smart Contract Development & Audit

Implement secure smart contracts on Ethereum, EOSIO, or other public blockchains.

Coin Development

Customize popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, or Litecoin. Develop ERC-20 standard tokens on popular public blockchains.

Initial Coin Offering

Fund your ideas through crowdsales on Ethereum or EOS securely through our platform.

Decentralized Exchange

Develop and implement safe and reliable decentralized token exchanges.

Private/Permissioned Blockchain Implementation

Implement a private or permissioned blockchain for your organization using technologies like Hyperledger and Quorum.

Blockchain Consultation

We provide reliable consultation on the usability of Blockchain in your organization.

Decentralized Applications

Develop blockchain-powered user-friendly applications for web and mobile.

Inter-Planetary File System Hosting

Move beyond centralized data hosting and power your applications by the Inter-Planetary File System.

Consensus Algorithm Development

Fork and implement custom versions of popular custom consensus algorithm like POW, POS, or DPOS.


Develop secure and user-friendly multi-signature wallets for coins and tokens.

Use Cases

Use cases we can help you with.


The Blockchain technology can help address the pain points of the healthcare industry while driving better industry performance, improving the quality of healthcare at a greatly reduced cost.


Governments today are dealing with the challenges of interoperability, data integrity, security, privacy, and compliance. Government systems today require having in place a solution that can streamline the execution of government services in an efficient way. Blockchain is the answer.

Decentralized Digital Identity

There is a need for a shared decentralized digital identity management ecosystem that makes it easy for anyone to get a reliable digital identification to make use of different services in the modern society. There is a need for such a system which enables an individual to prove who they say they are and other identity attributes without any concern for privacy and verifiably beyond a shadow of doubt.


The education industry is dealing with major issues of degree verification and authenticity due to prevalence of fraud and misrepresentation of records. This issue is further compounded with Issuing/verifying institutions collecting high fees and forcing long wait time for processing and verification of the certificates. Blockchain technology can be used to build a system that can store, secure and verify these digital assets in real-time.

Supply Chain

Blockchain technology is opening new ways and creating new possibilities across different industries and improving how things function. In Supply Chain, the incorporation of Blockchain will make it securer, safer and more streamlined.

Banking & Finance

Banks and financial institutions are under constant pressure to maintain their asset quality while meeting growing customer demands. Apart from this, increased regulatory pressure to modernize their legacy IT systems and databases are further escalating the problems for the Banking industry. Blockchain technology can be used for a technology solution that can overhaul the existing banking infrastructure.

Abdul Sami Khawaja

Founder & Lead Blockchain Engineer

Salman Khan

Co-Founder, Product Architect & Chief Designer

Taha Haq

Co-Founder & Blockchain Engineer

Syed Fahad Hussain

Blockchain Engineer

Shehrooz Khan

Blockchain Engineer

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