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Why Blockstack is the future of the internet?

Blockstack has come up with the new revolutionary idea of a decentralized internet ecosystem, which will excel better in terms of privacy, performance and reliability. It is full scaled decentralized computing platform. But before we dive into what blockstack is and how revolutionary their idea can be first let’s discuss, what is happening in the internet right now?

  • With current computing architecture, your computers are connected to a super computer which does all the computing for you and shows results on your screen.
  • You cannot do anything with your computers alone unless you are connected to these large main frames. These main frames are owned by large tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft etc.

3 Major Technology Revolutions

There were 3 main era of computing that we have seen. In each phase, we saw one company took the advantage to grow giant.

  1. Hardware Era: This is when IBM became the king and focused mainly on controlling hardware.
  2. Desktop Computers Era: While IBM was only focusing on development of hardware aspects, Microsoft came in and started charging people with a license fee for using their software on their PCs. Microsoft addressed the need of growing software requirements for personal computers and still has sustained its position in the software market.
  3. Cloud Era: Cloud Era was all about controlling information, Tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook stepped in cloud computing where they could have user’s information and sell it. Services like Google cloud, Dropbox and Facebook weren’t that free for sharing data.

If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold   (Andrew Lewis)

Now the major problems are:

  1. Mass data breach resulting millions of people effected.
  2. Loss of user’s privacy due to handing over all their private data while using these applications.
  3. Selling of Information for monetization, they resulted due to mistrust of major tech companies

Blockstack is coming up with the 4th major revolution, developing a decentralized ecosystem for internet!

Why Blockstack is Future of Internet?

Blockstack is a full-stack solution to traditional cloud computing, designing, developing and expanding a decentralized computing network. Basically, Blockstack re-imagines the traditional Internet app layer and offers a fresh decentralized network for apps; Blockstack apps allow users to have their information directly owned and monitored on their devices rather than handing over to single entities to store it.

  • Idea of Blockstack allows new generation of application to emerge in which developers and users communicate with each other in a fair and secure manner.
  • It utilizes blockchain technology to develop protocols and developer instruments to allow for a fair and open Internet that provides developers and customers with digital rights.
  • More importantly,On Blockstack uses provides you one digital id for endless apps that you wan’t to work on.

How Blockstack Works

Currently when you are connected to internet here is how things work. You open the application on your browser, which is being hosted on a server machine in some X location. This server helps you to run the application on your laptop screen, and all the data that you create while interacting with that application will be stored on that server owned by some company.

Blockstack changes this cycle. Users will run the web apps on their local machine, which means meaning that they are not connecting to servers in X location, on Blockstack they are connecting to your localhost, which is a much faster connection, and their machine is just running the code under the hood. As it does you generate stacks for the work your machine is doing.

What are Stacks on Blockstack?

Stacks tokens are used to “fuel” blockstack features. When a user register digital assets, like usernames, or when they register/execute smart contracts. Using Stacks, developers can build and distribute apps that let users maintain ownership of their data and protect their digital rights.[1]

Users are now using blockstack network and it uses stack tokens to run the recourse usage. Considers simple example to understand this: If some user is let’s say 10 feets away from your device and he downloads a app, he/she is more likely to download it from your device, as your device is nearest to to him connected to the network, and you will get a reward in form of stack tokens.

But what about users on mobile device?

They surely don’t have enough resources to run these intensive operations on their mobile devices, then they will need to spend some stack tokens in order to access this application. Your computer will execute that code and for this again you will get paid in stack tokens. Basically your computer will run as the nearest server to them and you’ll get paid for serving those apps.


Features of Blockstack:

User-owned identity:

No more worries about your identification and privacy matters, blockstack uses blockchain based security protocoles to make sure your identity is safe. Now, no more third parties will control your information, only you control it!

True data ownership

Relax with Blockstack because your information is 100% private and only apps or other users can be accessed. Millions of users each years had to go through the pain of data piracy and violation of their private data.But things, are changing now. With Blockstack, Don’t worry again about violations of privacy.

One ID, 100s of apps

Discover a world of fresh applications that respect your digital rights. Share, exchange, and link information between applications as you like. ALl of Apps on Blockstack will be used with a single identity. You don’t have to go through the pain of managing multiple ids in order to use each application.

With all new features, Blockstack will be our more trustworthy and far more efficient internet network then the one we use today. It has already taken a lot of attention and once it takes over, it will change how we interact with application. In Future, We can expect more control on our information then ever before.

Have a look at road map of Blockstack


[1] Stacktokens


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