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Xord provides various Blockchain-based solutions and Blockchain Development services. We build enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions for government, organizations, and individuals. We specialize in Smart Contract Development, Decentralized Applications Development, Hyperledger Development, Ethereum Smart Contract Development and Private and Permissioned Blockchain Implementation.
At Xord aim for the smoothest development and deployment strategies,
that inculcate trust and reliance between us and businesses.

Smart Contract Development

We design, develop and audit secure, efficient, self-executing smart contracts to automate all transactions and enable them to be done without an intermediary. We enable businesses to be able to reduce the resources allocated to one task by implementing smart contracts. We help them to achieve transparency in their records and regulation processes, build immutable contract systems on Ethereum, EOS, or Hyperledger Fabric or other public Blockchain platforms.

Smart Contract Auditing

We audit smart contracts of organizations before deploying them, to avoid any bugs, problems, mistakes or other technical issues. Our team goes through different steps to audit each line of code to make sure there are no bugs in a smart contract before deploying it on the network.

Decentralized Applications (DApps) Development

Our team has expert Blockchain developers who have strong skill sets to develop and deploy topnotch decentralized, user-friendly web and mobile applications. Our core aim is to develop such applications to bring about transparency within and out of organizations. We have developed a number of decentralized mobile and web applications, digital decentralized certificates and decentralized bots for our clients.

Enterprise Blockchain Solution

We implement private and permissioned Blockchains for businesses and organizations to save operation costs, scale, and secure transactions. We use distributed ledger technologies like Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum to make your enterprise processes more confidential, with their different levels of restrictions.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We enable clients to develop and implement secure and reliable, decentralized initial coin offerings. We support the end-to-end ICO launching and other pre and post ICO services.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

We are experts in developing cryptocurrency exchanges that have similarities with Binance. We have recently built exchange bridges like XIO ‘Token Swap’ to swap tokens as well. We provide assistance in purchasing, exchanging or selling different tokens or currencies through a cryptocurrency exchange as well.

Token Marketing

We help in the marketing of tokens owned by various organizations. We have Blockchain-powered, customizable products that help businesses build communities for ICO launches and facilitate the exchange of tokens. 

Blockchain as a Service

We help you deploy Blockchain as a Service model (BaaS) in your business. BaaS is the third-party development, deployment and management of cloud-based networks for Blockchain application development companies. Our expert Blockchain developers take care of the BaaS deployment while you can just focus on the
functionality of the Blockchain and services provided by the BaaS model.

Crypto wallet development

We build cryptocurrency Blockchain-integrated wallets for effective cryptocurrency exchanges. We make transferring and monitoring virtual currencies secure, easier and efficient. We deal with all the hassle from development to the execution of the crypto wallet and also provide white label wallet development services.

Coin Development

We are experts in developing tokens and coins for our clients to use in ICOs and token exchanges. We have worked with clients to build bridges to swap tokens and built tokens with other Blockchain companies like XIO.

Stablecoin Development

Xord designs stablecoins to bring stability to an asset. We have a dedicated team of stablecoin experts who provide services ranging from consultation, building, trading and marketing of stablecoins. We take on the journey with our clients to create stablecoins and then trade them on various exchanges.

KYC Blockchain Development

We develop efficient Blockchain based KYC systems for our clients who have to collect user data everyday from all over the world. With our KYC systems, you can save more time, eliminate intermediaries, eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access, reduce the number of errors and inaccuracies, and enhance the security, interoperability of the customer data. 

 P2P Exchange Development

We develop peer to peer exchange platforms that help our clients to own platforms where they can easily send assets securely and efficiently.


Some cool Blockchain platforms we work on:

Ethereum Development

Xord develops decentralized Ethereum applications that have high resistance against data breaches and tampering. Ethereum dApps have zero downtime and almost 3000 transactions per second, which make the platform one of our favourites to work with. 

EOS Development

We are skilled to build industrial-scale decentralized applications on the EOS platform. EOS was invented as an open-source, free, public Blockchain platform to build high performing decentralized applications. We help our clients to utilize the potential of EOS in the best way possible by building scalable dApps specifically for industrial use. We have built high performing EOS wallets, games, asset services and crypto exchanges for our global clients.

Blockstack Application Development

We build flexible, efficient and easy to use dApps with the amazing Blockstack platform that provides ease of identity management for the client. Our Javascript developers are fully equipped with the expertise to develop applications on Blockstack.

Hyperledger Blockchain Development

We are experts in building enterprise-grade, permissioned dApps on the Hyperledger platform which helps our clients to send their assets and perform transactions. We make sure that our clients can have full control of their information and data. We provide safe, modular and scalable dApps and confidential smart contracts on the Hyperledger platform. We use Hyperledger tools like Quilt, Cello and Composer to build customized, scalable Blockchain applications. Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperldger Iroha are some of the Hyperledger platforms we have recently worked on. 


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