August 23, 2020 Javeria Afzal

DoYourTip partners with Xord

Xord announces its partnership with DoYourTip, an international crypto startup. 

DoYourTip was established in 2019. It is an international startup whose team represents it in several countries while it is headed in Germany and Mexico. DoYourTip is a team of an IT engineer, an insurance advisor, a software engineer, and an administrative manager in healthcare service. The startup has its own token called DYT and it is well-known for its Telegram communities.

The objective of DoYourTip revolves around the problem underlying the crypto world that although crypto is trendsetting, it focuses on profits. They provide a solution by focusing on the user’s attitudes instead of profits. According to DYT, it is the positive attitude of users that gets them to collect and burn tokens. 

Xord is a Blockchain development company. We aim to provide decentralized solutions to enterprises by refining their ideas. We help businesses take a step forward by integrating Blockchain with their processes, grow, and build reliance.

In collaboration with DoYourTip, Xord is building Tipply Tank, a DYT app that will use DYT tokens as the main currency. The app will enable users to utilize DYT tokens and prove their attitude.

We believe that this partnership will augment our missions and visions. It will assist in proceeding with the advancements in the decentralized world and make the adoption of an immutable, secure, and decentralized system mainstream.

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Learn more about DoYourTip here.

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